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Mercurial Heart, the fourth set of Grand Archive, launched with two new preconstructed deck products. These Re:Collection decks are the most competitive and complete decks to date, expanding options for competitive players and providing a perfect starting point for new players!

Making Up for Dawn of Ashes' Biggest Miss

Since the release of Grand Archive's first set, Dawn of Ashes, players have latched on to the Warrior champion Lorraine and the Mage champion Rai as go-to competitive decks, with either or both of the two making it into the top cut of nearly every major event. Even the first expansion, Fractured Crown, introduced Merlin, Kingslayer - a dual-class Warrior/Mage champion who, depending on the deck, would usually be leveled to from either a Lorraine or Rai level 1, leaving many other champions in the dust.

But while competition was focused on Warrior and Mage, many players found themselves latching onto less competitive characters like the Tamer Silvie and the one-off lineage-breaking Assassin Tristan for their cute and cool character designs. While they could still take wins at locals, their lower strength made them an unfortunate trap for newer players who enjoyed their character designs, but didn't have the expertise to perform with them.

Thankfully, the team at Weebs of the Shore recognized this issue, and have responded with a perfect solution: Enter the Re:Collection Decks: Silvie and Tristan!

What's Inside a Re:Collection Deck

The Silvie and Tristan Re:Collection Decks provide a complete 72 card preconstructed deck built around these fan-favorite characters. These decks include new cards, such as new champion levels, regalia, and main deck cards to support their new strategies.

While many games offer decks you can buy several times if you want full playsets, the Re:Collection decks solve this in a player-friendly way: a second tuckbox inside contains additional copies to fill out a playset of every card in the deck, meaning only one purchase is required to have everything the deck offers.

Furthermore, the box contains extremely useful supplies and other goodies, such as a full pack of 100 Dragon Shield sleeves featuring artwork of the deck's matching champion. These art sleeves show off the amazing artwork on each new level 3 champion found in these decks - Tristan, Shadowdancer and Silvie, Slime Sovereign.

Additionally, you'll be treated to a few more supply goodies - a spinning wheel life counter can ease your gameplay, and dividers featuring champion artwork can be used in conjunction with the quality box to store your cards between games.

Booster Packs Reward the Fortunate

Finally, the last item included in each Re:Collection decks is a set of 3 Mercurial Heart: Re:Collection booster packs, which are special variations of booster packs from the new release, Mercurial Heart. The only change to these boosters is the low chance of receiving a Collector Super Rare version of one of the two new Level 3 champions from the Re:Collection Decks - Tristan, Shadowdancer or Silvie, Slime Sovereign.

These full art, textured foil, stamped signature beauties will show up about 1 in every 48 Re:Collection decks. Will you be among the lucky to score one?

Shop for Silvie and Tristan Re:Collection Decks

The Silvie, Slime Sovereign Re:Collection deck follows Silvie on her "side quest" to become the queen of Slimes! This deck introduces the new Spirit of Slime which allows multiple elements to be played in the same deck - as long as they are Slime cards!

This deck has proven to be a competitive powerhouse and is a perfect deck for players who enjoy strategies focused on allies that share types. The cute slimes inside hide their huge power and playability, so don't underestimate Silvie any more!

The Tristan, Shadowdancer Re:Collection Deck starts on the Spirit of Wind and brings new levels 1-3 for one of the game's original assassins.

Much like her first level 2, all of her levels now focus on building Preparation counters, and when she reaches level 3, her new access to the Umbra advanced element will allow her to deliver a devastating Shadowstrike, an unblockable attack that is powered up by the number of Preparation counters you can spend on it. Combined with her Ominous Shadow clones, she's got both offense and defense and has also proven to be a deck to be reckoned with in the competitive arena!

Learn more from Maindeck

To see a full breakdown of the Tristan, Shadowdancer Re:Collection Deck, this video from Maindeck will break down every card for you and showcase the strategies that are integral to winning with the deck!

Hope you found our dive into the new Re:Collection decks useful! You can also check out more Grand Archive products below:

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